How We Work

Our engagements are fully customizable depending on your specific circumstances and goals. We invite you to share your vision and how we can best help you succeed. No matter where you are today in your journey, HANYS Solutions’ Practice Advancement Strategies can help you.

Our approach focuses on three key areas: people, process and technology.

  • People
  • Process
  • Technology


Culture and change management

Patient-centered, team-based care is not just a passing fad or a certificate on the wall. It is a culture that must be established, reinforced and woven into the fabric of site operations. Ensuring transformation sustainability is one of the ways PAS stands out from the rest.

Clinician engagement

Physician-led teams are a core component of the PCMH model and key to the success of any medical transformation. From the beginning of any engagement, our team works with clinical leadership to ensure there is an understanding and appreciation of the work and change that needs to occur throughout the organization. We understand the need for all team members to have the tools and skills necessary to perform well.


Our team assesses your organization’s strengths and areas for improvement. We tailor our engagement to provide you with the tools you need to succeed, including education on various tenants of patient-centered care and value-based payment through a variety of in-person, web-based and train-the-trainer sessions.


Assessment and planning

Practices often begin a journey before fully understanding the current state, roadblocks and obstacles. This can result in stalled or blocked progress, resistance and a frustrating environment. Our engagements begin with a gap analysis, which identifies both glaring gaps and subtle changes that need to be included in the transformation work plan.

Once the gap analysis is completed, we develop a detailed project plan that reflects the current state of the practice and the work required to achieve transformation.

Project management

One of our greatest strengths is project management. Large projects can seem overwhelming at times. We walk you through each component step-by-step so that you can focus on the important patient work.

Workflow redesign

As part of our engagement, our team assesses your organization’s current workflow and processes. One of the many appealing aspects of PCMH is the ability for your practice to become more effective and efficient with your time by utilizing strategies that focus on streamlining everyone’s role within the organization. We explore current best practices and share alternative models that similarly-situated practices utilize to find your optimal approach.

Quality improvement

Quality improvement is arguably one of the most important factors of both PCMH and VBP. Practices must continually strive to improve patient outcomes for the sake of patient care, as well as for reimbursement purposes in value-based contracts. Quality improvement strategy is one of PAS’s strengths. We explore what your population’s needs are, what performance metrics you are held accountable for, how you current perform and evidence-based methods to improve your performance.


Population health strategies

A good practice to make your practice more efficient is to assess the needs of your patients at a population level. Our team guides you through how to sort, stratify and assess your data so that you can track your patients’ global needs and streamline your efforts.

Reporting and tracking

A key skill of a successful practice is the ability to follow and track your patients’ care, regardless of the setting it is provided in. Our team helps you create workflows and instruments to seamlessly follow up on your patients’ care.